Investigation of various issues that may arise with either Office 365, Mailservices or Exchange email accounts and Exchange calendar

General troubleshooting for any issues involving either Office 365, Mailservieces or Exchange email accounts  such as mail not sending, mail not receiving, spam, etc. and Exchange calendar issues such as room booking, shared calendars, etc.

Client Service Response Category 3.

What's available:

General troubleshooting for any email related issues.

Who can use this service:

  • Current students
    • Current undergraduate students
    • Current graduate students
  • Faculty
  • Staff

How to request this service:

Contact a member of AHS Computing

Minimum notice to use service:

15 minutes

Average length of time to complete request:

30 minutes

Service hours:

Monday - Friday:
8:00 am-5:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday:

Service category:


No cost.


BMH - B.C. Matthews Hall
200 University Avenue West