Position duties and responsibilities


The president’s duties and responsibilities include:
  • Chairing all executive and termly meetings. As such the presidents vote should only be used to break ties.
  • Read and understand Roberts Rules of Order for meeting procedures.
  • Representing the undergraduate students at COPS and other meetings where full faculty representation is required.
  • Building and maintaining a link between the Dean’s office and the AHSUM members.
  • Setting the agenda for weekly and termly meetings.
  • Ensuring all positions are filled.
  • Ensuring executives are fulfilling their roles within AHSUM.
  • Acting as one of three signing authorities on AHSUM accounts.
  • Ensuring that all work is being completed within AHSUM.
  • Ensuring all AHSUM office keys are collected and handed in to the Dean’s office at the end of the term.

Vice President, Internal Affairs (VPIA) 

The VPIA’s duties and responsibilities include:
  • Performing the President’s duties in the absence of said President.
  • To maintain internal communication with the students, the AHSUM executive and the faculty; and act as a liaison between them with regard to non academic concerns.
  • Keeping a record of general and executive minutes, and to type them for the webpage and email list.
  • Organizing orders from outside vendors, including: clothing orders, promotional gear, office supplies and food sale items.
  • Organizing AHSUM office hours Monday to Friday 10am-4pm. 
  • Booking rooms and meeting times when needed.
  • Acting as one of three signing authorities on AHSUM accounts.
  • Evaluating and implementing strategies for office maintenance and security.
  • Aiding the Director of Events in planning and organizing events as needed.  
  • Maintaining and updating the constitution as need be with the Vice President Education, and posting in the office and AHSUM website.

Vice President, Finance (VPF) 

The VPF’s duties and responsibilities include:
  • Preparing a term budget by Friday at 4:30pm of the third week of classes and maintain the budget throughout the term in conjunction with the President.
  • To settle all accounts under the jurisdiction of AHSUM; all income expenditures must be authorized and evidenced using proper vouchers.
  • To keep track of petty cash, floats and cash flow. At no time should there be more than $200 in cash in the office. 
  • Acting as one of three signing authorities on AHSUM accounts.
  • Acting as a liaison between AHSUM and the Vice President, Administration and Finance (VPAF) of the Federation of Students. The VPF shall present the termly budget to the VPAF for approval and shall receive the AHSUM allotment for the term.
  • With the President, to deposit all money left in the AHSUM office at the end of the day into the bank account and return the cash box to a locked cupboard in the office. 
  • Responsible for reading the AHSUM for Dummies Manual and constitution at the beginning of each term. 
  • Responsible for providing extensive transition documents and sessions to the incoming Vice President Finance to ensure a smooth transition.

Vice President, Education (VPEd)

The VPEd’s duties and responsibilities include:
  • To maintain internal communication with the students, the AHSUM executive and the faculty; and act as a liaison between them with regard to all academic concerns.
  • Attending all academic meetings and matters concerning students in Applied Health Sciences and reports to the members of AHSUM all pertinent information.
  • Examining and reporting on all policy issues pertaining to AHSUM and implementing strategies and policy statements toward such issues.
  • Acting as a liaison between undergraduate students and any outside governing bodies (i.e., Ontario College of Kinesiology) in conjunction with the appropriate department representative.
  • Organizing any academic events or meetings with the Director of Services and Events.
  • Advertising all academic events to be offered to the membership of the AHSUM with the Director of Public Relations and Promotions.
  • Representing AHSUM on the Applied Health Sciences Endowment Fund (AHSEF).
  • Sitting on and report the proceedings of the Senate Undergraduate Council (SUC), Co-op Education Council (CEC) and any other ad hoc committees as required.
  • Maintaining and updating the constitution as need be with the Vice President Internal Affairs.

Director of Events (DE) 

The DE’s duties and responsibilities include:
  • Organizing and implementing all social events for members of AHSUM. 
  • Providing an event report following every AHSUM event.
  • To work closely with the DPRP and DCSOP to ensure events are promoted as well as possible.

Director of Services (DS)

The DS's duties and responsibilities include: 

  • Maintaining and/or implementing new services that would benefit the membership of AHSUM (i.e., exam bank, food sales)
  • Bringing awareness of any extra events sanctioned by AHSUM, but organized by non-executive members to the membership of AHSUM.

Director of Public Relations and Promotions (DPRP) 

The DPRP’s duties and responsibilities include:
  • Serving as the public relation link between AHSUM and the university community via the class representatives.  
  • Creating publications and documents to promote all events and services provided to members of AHSUM.
  • Promoting all services, events and activities, in collaboration with the DSE.
  • Posting notices of meetings and remove all old notices where appropriate.
  • Approving/Posting all event notices and remove old notices in BMH.

Director of Computing Services and Online Publications (DCSOP) 

The DCSOP’s duties and responsibilities include:
  • Maintaining AHSUM’s homepage and other online social media networks.
  • Posting weekly minutes from the executive and general meetings and to email them to all AHSUM class representatives. 
  • Posting all service, upcoming event and activity announcements on the AHSUM website, in collaboration with the DPRP.

Department Representatives (Health Studies, Public Health, Kinesiology, Recreation and Leisure Studies) 

The Department Representatives duties and responsibilities include:
  • Designating class representatives based on applications received at the beginning of the term. These students’ names and contact information shall be presented to the executive at the beginning of each term.
  • Communicating with and disseminating information to the class representatives and ensuring they are in turn making class announcements.
  • Sitting on and reporting the proceedings of Department Meetings, Faculty Council, and Faculty Council Executive. Reports should be published to the home page where possible.