AHSUM executive team photo for winter 2014 term

Each semester a new group of AHS student volunteers are elected to the AHSUM Executive. Together, the AHSUM Executive represents all AHS undergraduate students in a variety of ways. The group often runs events (Meet and Greet, BBQs, End of Term), attends Faculty and department meetings, and offers a number of services to AHS students (including an exam bank, clothing orders, and a candy shop).

The executive meets once a week to discuss ideas, upcoming events, and help one another out. Each executive member also holds office hours. A full description of each positions' responsibilities can be found in the AHSUM Constitution

We're always looking for students who want to get involved in AHS and volunteer their time. If you're interested in being part of the AHSUM Executive or just want to get involved as an undergraduate member- we'd love to have you out!

AHSUM Bi-Election Spring 2017

AHSUM is looking for dedicated students to be a part of our executive team for Spring 2017. There are many positions available (as listed on the nomination form), please fill out a nomination form (found in the BMH Lounge) and bring it to the AHSUM office before May 13th. 

Important dates for the elections include: 

• May 12 Nominations Close

• May 15 Campaigning Starts 

• May 17 Campaigning Ends

• May 18 Voting Opens

• May 19 Voting Closes

Any questions regarding the election process and/or the positions can be found in the AHSUM Constitution or by contacting AHSUM at ahsum@uwaterloo.ca.