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The Career View Mirror (CVM) is a tool designed to help students explore their career options and gain valuable insight into what different occupations are really like. This career exploration tool gives students access to AHS-specific career information, experiences, advice, and stories from Applied Health Sciences Alumni.

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  • Explore AHS alumni profiles
  • Discover traditional and non-traditional AHS occupations
  • Benefit from valuable advice and experience of AHS alumni

Career View Mirror has many different features and functions for you to easily save, print, or view anything you’ve read and might want to review at a later time.

Some of the functions include:

  • My Career List — where you can view jobs you have ranked in order from highest to lowest ranking;
  • My Notes — where you can add your own notes and have them saved for later reference/editing;
  • Potential Fit For Me suggestions — where you can view more careers that may expand your exploration; and your
  • Summary Page — where you can add any section(s) from any profile that you would like to view/print later.

Visit the Centre for Career Action website to take a tour of the AHS CVM tool!