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UW WELL-FIT staff check's client's blood pressure.UW WELL-FIT is a unique group exercise program for individuals undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, or hormonal therapy treatment for various cancers.

UW Fitness initiated the program in partnership with oncologists at the Grand River Regional Cancer Center in January 2002.

The main objectives of UW WELL-FIT exercise program are to minimize the negative side effects that individuals experience with cancer treatments, as well as improve quality of life for cancer patients.

Teens in Motion

Teens In Motion (TIM) are free exercise programs for clinically obese children and teenagers, respectively. The aim of both programs is to encourage participants to be more active and give them the confidence and skills to try new activities in their school or community. Both programs encourage positive lifestyle choices with respect to physical activity and nutrition without putting the focus on weight loss.

Positive body composition changes will occur over time as the participants come to understand the importance of regular physical activity and healthy eating as a lifestyle choice; not as changes they adopt for a short time frame.

Kinesiology Lab Days

Group of students in physiology lab.Kinesiology Lab Days is an annual high school outreach event for grade 12 Exercise Science and grade 11/12 Biology classes. Held in early-mid December, it features a one-day program of mini-laboratory sessions on assessing, treating, and preventing movement-related illness and injury.