Young Alumni Award 2015 - Christina Marchand

Making an impact with Health Studies

“The more you give, the more you will receive”. That’s the philosophy that ​Christina Marchand stands by.

Christina Marchand

A recent Health Studies (’14) graduate and current Master of Public Health candidate, Christina dedicates her time and energy to growing FullSoul Canada, a social enterprise she co-founded to equip hospitals in developing countries with medical delivery kits. Working with local partners, FullSoul Canada has already delivered medical kits to three hospitals in Uganda. Each kit has the power to deliver up to three babies per day, 365 days of the year, for approximately 20 years.

Active in the community, Christina frequently speaks at conferences to motivate youth and share the FullSoul story. She is an avid volunteer and member of the Calgary Rotaract Club. After battling childhood cancer in 2009, Christina started mentoring children in the Canadian Childhood Cancer Foundation, an activity she carries on to this day.

Christina is the recipient of several honours and awards, including the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (2010), AHS Co-op Student of the Year (2011), and the YMCA International Peace Medallion (2013) for her humanitarianism. She actively promotes entrepreneurship and health innovation among Waterloo students and alumni, and her compassion continues to inspire others to strive for a better world, country, and health care community.