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Application for graduate student non-lab access

Based on advice from public health authorities, the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences maintains that all work and studying that can be done from home should be done from home.

We recognize that for some graduate students, working from home poses particularly significant challenges to productivity and academic progress. Therefore, we will endeavor to provide graduate students limited access to graduate student office space.

Process for requesting access

  1. Ensure you have reviewed the University's information on Graduate student access to non-laboratory spaces.
  2. To request access to campus office space for academic purposes, complete the form below. Applications will not be approved until all mandatory training has been completed, including the Returning to Campus Safety during COVID-19 (SO2036) and Fire Warden Training (SO1040). You will be asked to upload a screenshot (that includes your name and the course title) as proof of completion. This proof of completion may include screenshots from, for example: Work Day Learning or Waterloo LEARN.
  3. The form will then be sent to the your department/school graduate contact.
  4. Once a decision has been made regarding the request, you will be notified by email. If approval is granted, details on permitted times and locations and access periods will be specified. Those who are approved must limit themselves only to approved on-campus times, locations and activities because of limitations on building and room capacity due to COVID-19.

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.