Top 10 tips for a successful first year

  1. Know your program – what courses you are taking and what you will be learning about
  2. Know what is expected of you – course requirements, assignments, exams
  3. Plan to pay – look into scholarships and bursaries
  4. Get involved – volunteer, join clubs, participate in on campus events
  5. Make new friends – residence and faculty
  6. Maintain a work-life balance – take time to relax, be active, see friends
  7. Make the most of your learning experience – get involved in the AHS weConnectu program, it will help you to succeed academically in your first-year courses
  8. Get to know Waterloo (on and off campus) – get information from TurnKey Desk in Student Life Centre
  9. Take care of yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally
  10. If you are struggling, seek help before it’s too late!

Here's what current students have to say...

  1. There is an exam bank (old tests) in the AHSUM (Applied Health Sciences Undergraduate Members) Office. It can be very useful when studying!
  2. Don’t be scared of the lounge. It is a great place to meet other students, get important information and hang out/study between classes.
  3. If you live in residence, get to know the people on your floor.
  4. If you live on or off campus, come to AHS events to get to know more AHS students.
  5. Intramurals are a lot of fun! Sign-ups happen during the first week of classes!
  6. Your professors may seem scary but they are approachable and happy to help because, yes it’s true, they want you to succeed.
  7. The bus pass is included, use it, it can take you everywhere!
  8. Get involved. There are lots of different groups to be a part of but make sure you know what the commitment is before you sign-up.
  9. Be proactive. Study skills courses fill up in the first few weeks of the term. You may not think you need it right away but you will be happy you took the course when you take your first midterm.
  10. Textbooks do not need to go with you to every class.
  11. Just because something is optional doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Go to class (and tutorials)!
  12. AHSEF = Applied Health Sciences Endowment Fund. Students put a little bit of money in and can make proposals to get a lot out.
  13. Participate in Orientation Week, both as a first year and as a leader.