Majors, minors and specializations

You can enhance your undergraduate studies by complementing your major with a minor, option, and/or specialization in your home unit or another area of the University.

Specializations within the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Consult your major below for a list of available minors/options/specializations offered by your home department/school.

*denotes specializations available to any University of Waterloo student in a 4-year honours program 

The Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies also offers the opportunity to combine some majors into double degree plans.

Specializations in other disciplines

If you are interested in pursuing a minor or option in an area outside of your department/school, e.g., psychology, biology, you should consult the Faculty sections of the Undergraduate Calendar to see if such a specialization is offered and which courses you'd need to take as your electives to complete the requirements.

Joint honours degrees

In some disciplines it is possible to combine your existing major with a major from second field of study should you wish to concentrate your studies equally and extensively in both areas. This requires pre-approval from both departments and advance course planning with an academic advisor.