Applied Health Sciences Endowment Fund (AHSEF)

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Winter 2019 proposals are due by end of day April 2, 2019.

A representative for each proposal must be available to attend the proposal meeting on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 between 9am-12pm. The contact for each proposal will be notified of meeting details following the April 2 deadline. 

AHSEF is recruiting! Interested in being a part of the team? Email the Student Relations Officer.

Tip: It's always a great idea to submit your proposal one term in advance of your proposed project! 

Background and proposal guidelines

The Applied Health Sciences Endowment Fund (AHSEF) was established in the Fall of 1994 as a student-based financial support system created to enhance the academic environment of all undergraduates in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences.

Each undergraduate student registered in AHS contributes to the fund, as a donation to the University of Waterloo through AHSEF. The money is a voluntary contribution used to support student-initiated projects with an academic and student life focus, and it is the hope of AHSEF that all undergraduate students in AHS view the fund as a significant contribution to help themselves and their fellow classmates receive the best possible education.

You can find projects funded by AHSEF all over B.C. Matthews Hall. You know we've supported the project if you see the AHSEF logo.

Each semester AHS undergraduate students are encouraged to submit proposals to have their projects and/or events funded. The AHSEF Board of Directors (comprised primarily of student volunteers along with staff and faculty representatives) meets once a term to review, discuss, and vote on the proposals.

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How does it work?

All AHS students are encouraged to submit proposals (e.g., project, specific event, lab/computer equipment, etc) based on the funding priorities. The proposals are then reviewed and voted upon by the AHSEF Board of Directors.

Members of AHSEF Board of Directors are not eligible to make submissions for funding.

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Procedure for funding requests

  1. Students seeking funding must submit a Proposal Form. Forms can be submitted online or hard copies can be requested from the Student Relations Officer.

    Completed forms should be submitted:

  2. All students submitting proposals are asked to attend the AHSEF Meeting to answer any questions the funding council might have with regards to your submission. Students unable to attend meeting should speak with the AHSEF Chair to make alternate arrangements. Failure to make alternate arrangements with the AHSEF Chair may result in your submission being deferred until the following term.
  3. All submissions must be accompanied by a formal estimate of cost; including any maintenance, security, and/or installation costs.
  4. If your submission is granted funding, a series of accountability guidelines must be fulfilled (to be explained when funding is granted).
  5. AHSEF reserves the right to defer any submission to the following academic term due to time constraints.

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AHSEF funding priorities

AHSEF funding is typically granted, but not limited, to the following priorities:

  1. Improved learning facilities (e.g. audio-visual equipment)
  2. Improved computing services (e.g. computers, laser printers)
  3. Supplement class learning (e.g. guest speakers)
  4. New lab equipment
  5. Support for student societies and clubs (e.g. furniture, resource materials)
  6. Funding of classes that are in demand, that would otherwise be cut or not offered.
  7. Projects of various departments or students with an academic purpose (e.g. thesis work, exchange programs)

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Procedure for approved proposals

AHSEF will confirm funding amount, conditions, and guidelines for reimbursement in a letter addressed to the proposal representative(s).

If your proposal is successful, you will need to meet with the AHSEF Chair to discuss the transfer or payment of funds for your project.

Original receipts and invoices must be submitted in order to be reimbursed. Please see the Student Relations Officer in BMH 3101 for a Request for Payment Form and to complete the necessary paperwork.

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Previously funded projects

  • weCONNECTu Mentorship Programs
  • AHS Grad Formal
  • AHS Orientation Week
  • Recreation and Leisure Studies Workshops
  • AHS First Aid & CPR Training Sessions (offered each term)
  • REC 361 (Aging and Leisure) Guest Speakers
  • High Five Course - recognized, quality assurance standard in children’s recreation and sport programming
  • Earplugs for students studying in BMH
  • Therapeutic Recreation Awareness Week
  • AHS Intramural Team Refunds
  • AHSUM End of Term Nights
  • Sustainable Technology Education Project
  • Transportation to Grand Bend
  • Careers in Health Informatics and E-Health Workshop
  • Aftab Patla Memorial Cup
  • AHSUM Karaoke Night
  • Kinesiology Games 2011 (London) participant subsidy
  • iChallenge uWaterloo - Health Promotion Event

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