ADDS – Approved Doctoral Dissertation Supervisor

Approved doctoral dissertation supervisor (ADDS) status is required for sole supervision of PhD students and eligibility for specific committees and positions associated with graduate studies. ADDS status is described in further detail on the Graduate Studies website.

The process to request ADDS status in Applied Health Sciences (AHS) is described below.

  1. Nominations for ADDS status are initiated by the Chairs/Directors and are forwarded to each academic unit’s Graduate Committee for approval.
  2. The units’ recommendations together with the Chair’s/Director’s comments are submitted to the AHS Faculty Graduate Studies Committee (FGSC). Nominations must be accompanied by an AHS format curriculum vitae together with any other information relevant to the ADDS criteria and not otherwise contained in the vitae.
  3. The FGSC, which is Chaired by the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, will review ADDS nominations from individual academic units.

After the application is approved by the Faculty Associate Dean, Graduate Studies the recommendation for granting of ADDS status will be forwarded to the Associate Provost, Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs for approval.