Curriculum vitae information also available in Applied Health Sciences Vitae format (.docx).

Applied Health Sciences Vitae format



(name and page # to appear at the top of each page from page 2 onward)

Contact Information:

(address, phone, email, etc.)

Degrees Received:

Degree               Institution                  Years

Employment History:

Date                   Position                     Institution

(Include changes in job  or appointment status)

Academic Awards and Distinctions:

Scholarly and Professional Activities:

e.g. -refereeing journals and grants
      -professional society positions


a) Refereed Journals:

Note: refereed implies a decision by peers has been made as to acceptance or rejection of the document.

  • include all authors' names as they appear on article as well as full title of article and journal including year, volume, and page numbers.
  • for articles accepted but not yet in print, use the term "In press" instead of accepted or forthcoming. For articles "accepted with revisions" or articles that have been submitted for review, use the term "Submitted"
  • identify student co-authors with asterisks.


1. Brown, J.R. The relationship of health studies to recreation and leisure studies. Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 1985, 12, 123-147.

2. *White, T.W., Ruffle, A.W. and *Gordon, F.T. Higher cognitive functioning of elite dancers. Cognition and the Performing Arts, In press.

3. Truffle, M.M. and Oddfellow, U.R.A. Kinesiology in the work force. Ergonomics, Submitted.

b) Refereed Conference Proceedings:

  • form as for refereed journals

c) Books and Book Chapters:

  • list as they would be cited in a bibliography

d) Technical and Consulting Reports:

  • list all authors, title of report, contractor, date completed, number of pages

e) Other Publications:

  • form as for refereed journals or as they would appear in a citation

Presentation to Scholarly Groups:

a) Invited - include name(s) of presenter(s), title of talk, date, place, and name of conference, seminars, etc.

b) Self-initiated - same format as invited presentations.

Presentation to Professional groups (for non-peer groups):

a) Invited

b) Self-initiated

Other Presentations:

  • e.g. community groups, TV, etc.

Research Grants and Contracts:

Names of Researcher(s)    Agency    $Amount    Tenure    Short Title

(In order that they appear on proposal)

Graduate Student Supervision:

a) As Supervisor

1. Ph.D. - List student's name, thesis title, year completed
2. Masters - List student's name, thesis title, year completed

b) As Committee Member (numbers)

1. Ph.D.
2. Masters

c) External Examiner


a) University
b) Faculty
c) Department
d) Community

Areas of Teaching Expertise:

Current Research Interests: