Faculty recruitment expenses policy

Beginning May 1, 2012, Faculty recruitment expenses will be paid through the Dean’s office. The following guidelines are offered in order to standardize these costs on a go forward basis.   


The Dean’s Office should be apprised of and receive copies of all charges pertaining to the external advertising of positions.

Number of candidates

The number of candidates brought in for face-to-face interviews will normally be limited to no more than four. Under exceptional circumstances, an academic unit may wish to bring in more than four candidates. In this eventuality, approval of the Dean’s Office is required.

Often, candidates applying for positions are out of the country or off the continent, either permanently or due to travel related to their scholarship.  When this is the case, academic units will endeavour wherever possible to who undertake preliminary interviews via the use of alternative technology (i.e., telephone, Skype or other cost efficient methods). This is expressly the case when potential candidates are located outside of Canada and the Continental United States.


Candidates travelling from outside of the Waterloo Region will be compensated for their transportation, hotel costs and meals, with the anticipation being arrival the day before the interview and departure the day after. Airfare is at the Economy rate, Tango Plus being the maximum (if possible booking through VIP), ground transportation should be by Airways Transit (direct billed to University of Waterloo) and hotel recommendation is Waterloo Inn or other hotels able to direct bill to University of Waterloo. Candidates coming from within Waterloo Region will be compensated for mileage costs but hotel costs either the night before or after are not normally deemed a reasonable expense. Any exceptions must receive prior approval from the Dean’s Office.


Candidates will be compensated for their meals with original receipts per University of Waterloo policy for the pertinent meals during their stay. Departments will absorb the costs of any refreshment breaks. When an academic unit hosts a job candidate for a meal, the following maxima apply, including candidate:

Breakfast: $50 maximum, including gratuity

Lunch: $100 maximum with gratuity

Dinner: $250 maximum with gratuity

The equivalent of one alcoholic beverage per person (e.g., one glass of wine) is an acceptable reimbursable expense.

When in doubt please refer to University of Waterloo Travel Policy 31 or contact the Faculty Financial Officer.

APPROVED:  Administrative Council, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, May 9, 2012