Health, safety and environment

Mandatory training

Employee training

Those “working” in paid or unpaid positions at the University of Waterloo, including those who have been transferred or recently hired, must complete the following online training courses:

Once you have completed the mandatory employee training courses, please ensure your myHRinfo course records have been updated and notify your supervisor.

Supervisor training

In addition to the mandatory employee training, all faculty and regular ongoing staff who are supervisors and managers (of staff, student research assistants, post-doctoral fellows, technicians, etc.) must complete the online training course:

If you supervise high risk work, you must have also complete the in-class training course:

Once you have completed the supervisor training, please ensure your myHRinfo course records have been updated.

General awareness

In an effort to ensure all Applied Health Sciences (AHS) employees are aware of overall practices at the University of Waterloo related to health and safety, please review the following:

  • The fire warden and building evacuation procedures will be sent by your department chair, please keep for future referencing.
  • Policy 34: Health, Safety and Environment (recently updated) focuses on the overall safety of employees and students at the University of Waterloo and includes procedures used to address health and safety concerns should they arise.
  • Health, Safety and Environment Management System defines University of Waterloo practices regarding the duties and responsibilities of various members on campus about safety. Please refer to relevant sections 2.6 - 2.10 concerning the supervisor’s responsibilities for health, safety and the environment.