Guidelines for post doctoral fellows

Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Please ensure you talk to your Chair, six months in advance, so that arrangements for post-doctoral fellows can be formalized by the Department and forwarded to the Dean for signature. This has implications for space, keys, and immigration arrangements (if applicable), salary and benefits and reporting purposes.

After checking with the Chair of your Department, please obtain the Non Faculty Appointment form from Office of the Provost forms and templates page, complete the details of the postdoc on the form and attach a C.V.  A generic post-doc appointment letter template is available for your completion and should accompany the package to forward to the Chair. Some paragraphs may have to be deleted if not applicable. It will also be necessary to get the Dean's signature before formal arrangements are made.  This appointment will then be reported to Senate and forwarded to Human Resources and Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs so they are aware of the appointment.

Please see Policies 23 and 56, Appendix A and B and adjust the sample letter according to the duration of the appointment. Information on benefits pertaining to post-doc and visiting appointments can be printed off of the Human Resources benefits web page  for inclusion with the materials you forward to the post-doc once approval has been given. Also note that extended health care coverage and life insurance for NSERC and SSHRC post docs appointed at UWaterloo for one year or more is available. Human Resources needs an accompanying letter, approved by the Dean, before they can process benefits.

Prospective PDF's are encouraged to visit Post doctoral Office web page for more information.