Teaching release for faculty members in Applied Health Sciences

The Chairs, Director and Interim Dean of Applied Health Sciences (AHS) have reviewed our Faculty’s practices and policies with regard to criteria for allowing release from teaching assignments for faculty members, and associated costs. As part of this review, the Executive Officer of AHS obtained information on current practices in other University of Waterloo Faculties. 

Consensus was reached on the following points:

  • Our Faculty places a priority on teaching and recognizes that students can benefit when courses are taught by the most experienced and qualified instructors
  • Teaching assignments are the responsibility of the Chairs and Director
  • Teaching buyout is normally accepted for externally funded research chairs (e.g., Canada Research Chairs, Schlegel Research Chairs)
  •  A teaching buyout for other reasons is rarely considered and must meet the following conditions:
    • The faculty member has a research grant or contract which provides specific provision for salary support
    • Granting of teaching release may result in a re-allocation of workload assignments for that time period (e.g., to increase the weighting for research to 60%)
    • Funding required to support teaching release will be calculated as the actual cost of the related proportion of the faculty member’s salary. The funding required should be at least $20,000 per course but may be higher based on the experience of the faculty member and the level of expertise required by the substitute to teach the course. The cost is to be determined with the Chair/Director prior to the grant/contract submission.
    • A faculty member cannot buy out all of their teaching assignments. As per policy, the minimum teaching load is 20%. As a result, no more than one and a half course per year can be considered.
    • Teaching release is noted on the research cover sheet and agreed by the Chair/Director and Dean at the time of the funding application.

June 17, 2019