Third-year, Kinesiology

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Andrew L.Why I chose Waterloo Kinesiology

I chose to study Kinesiology here at Waterloo because I liked all the opportunities to learn hands on skills that can be applied to every day life. I have a strong interest in science and I love to be physically active. Kinesiology lets me learn more about the human body and how it relates to sports and activities I enjoy being a part of in my free time.

What I like best about my program

I like all the labs that are available to Kinesiology students. I get to use a lot of high tech equipment and tools, many of which are similar to what would be used in a professional setting. The labs are very interesting and fun!

Outside the classroom

I take part in a variety of intramural sports every term. I also help out and volunteer at FEDS student union events and clubs.

One more thing to know about me

As a third-year Kinesiology student, I am eligible and am currently working towards becoming a CSEP - Certified Personal Trainer.

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