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Research Roundup

September 2017

Press releases issued this month:

  1. Yoga and meditation improve brain function and energy levels.
    Luu, K., & Hall, P. A. (2016). Examining the Acute Effects of Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation on Executive Function and Mood. Mindfulness, 8(4), 873-880. 
  2. Beverage industry capitalizing on countries with fewer health regulations.
    Godin, K. M., Chacón, V., Barnoya, J., & Leatherdale, S. T. (2017). The school environment and sugar-sweetened beverage consumption among Guatemalan adolescents. Public Health Nutrition, 1-8.
  3. Vaping doubles risk of smoking cigarettes for teens.
    Azagba, S., Baskerville, N. B., & Foley, K. (2017). Susceptibility to cigarette smoking among middle and high school e-cigarette users in Canada. Preventive Medicine, 103, 14-19.
  4. Real cost of mega-sporting events much higher than people think.
    Potwarka, L. R., Drewery, D., Snelgrove, R., Havitz, M. E., & Mair, H. (2017). Modeling a Demonstration Effect: The Case of Spectators Experiences at 2015 Pan Am Games Track Cycling Competitions. Leisure Sciences, 1-23.