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AHS Teaching Award recipients

2017 - Elena Neiterman

Elena Neiterman

Professor Neiterman has distinguished herself as a leader in classroom teaching and as a pedagogical innovator. "She uses innovative teaching techniques to enhance critical thinking and collaboration," one student said. "These teaching methods allow students to not only thoroughly understand course material, but also how to gain essential skills." 

Throughout the year, Professor Neiterman attends workshops, webinars, and seminars to ensure that her teaching closely reflects evidence-based practices. Her dedication to course design and implementation has impacted her students deeply. "Dr. Neiterman was quite possibly one of the greatest professors in SPHHS. She made course content very relatable and alive," wrote one of her nominators.  

In additional to applying innovative teaching methodologies in her classroom, Professor Neiterman maintains an active research portfolio. She recently secured LITE grant funding to investigate instructor and student perspectives on the use of technology in the classroom. 

This year, Professor Neiterman was appointed to represent SPHHS on the faculty Teaching Fellows Committee.  Her expertise and dedication make her an invaluable champion for the faculty. "Dr. Neiterman's passion about the healthcare system really inspired me and made me fall in love with public health."

2016 - Elham Satvat

Elham Satvat.Professor Satvat’s students appreciate how concerned she is about their success and how excited she is about her material.

“She cares about our wellbeing,” explains a former student. “She never turns a student away when they knock on her door.”

Professor Satvat teaches her students with patience and encourages them to not give up if they make mistakes in the research lab. She also facilitates interactive class discussions, which help to solidify concepts.

All say their undergraduate experience is the richer for having had Professor Satvat as their instructor.

2016 - Joe Quadrilatero

Joe Quadrilatero.Professor Quadrilatero’s students note his commitment to ensuring that they are fully comprehending class material and they feel his class is always a welcoming space for learning.

 “He excels when students are unable to grasp a difficult concept;” says one of his students. “He can sense confusion during lectures and always seems to know the perfect analogy or explanation that will allow students to understand the course content.”

Students all seem to agree that Professor Quadrilatero really cares about his students’ success and their learning experiences in his classes. As another student reflects, “Looking back, I do not think I have ever felt so comfortable asking questions of a professor.”

2015 - Chris Perlman

Chris Perlman.The fact that Chris Perlman, 2015 recipient of the annual AHS Teaching Award, was nominated by multiple members of his three-hour Friday afternoon class speaks volumes. 

Students say his expertise and passion for health research and policy inspires them to "think beyond what we normally do and encourages us to question policy perspectives."

In his classes, Chris shows "excellent forethought and structure" in course design, and "stellar rapport with students." Students describe again and again how he engaged them in critical thinking through debates and guided them with his expertise and professional and personal experiences.

Professor Perlman's "open nature allowed us to form a connection to him," explains one of his students. "We were inspired by his passion. He appreciated us, and thanked us for contributing."

2014 - Luke Potwarka

Luke Potwarka.Luke Potwarka, 2014 recipient of the annual AHS Teaching Award, facilitates meaningful and engaging classroom experiences that challenge students to think critically about their world.

Luke’s enthusiasm and passion for issues related to mega-sport events inspires many Recreation and Leisure Studies students.

Luke integrates research and real-world applications of theory, and provides knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to excel in sport and event leadership roles.

Here’s just some of what his students have to say:

  • "Outstanding prof..."
  • "Always puts the interests and needs of the students in front of his own..."
  • "Adds valuable real life applications through discussion and lectures..."
  • "His enthusiasm and sense of humour creates a motivation to learn."

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