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Scott Leatherdale

Scott Leatherdale.One of the first things students learn when attending Professor Scott Leatherdale’s lectures is to embrace curiosity. Being curious, says Leatherdale, opens the door to enhanced critical thinking.

Katie Misener

Katie Misener.Professor Katie Misener aims to be a positive influence for her students, beyond just attending to their educational needs. “I never view it like I am the expert coming in with all of this knowledge to impart," says Misener. "I think that that teaching philosophy has had its day.”

Stuart McGill

stuart mcgillDo you struggle through sit-ups in the quest for great-looking abs?

If so, you might change your exercise routine after a spine biomechanics lesson from Professor Stuart McGill.

Ron McCarville

ron mccarvilleA professor in the department of recreation and leisure studies, Professor McCarville—"Ron" to his students—has impressed, motivated, and inspired hundreds of students during his time at the University of Waterloo.

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