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Applied Health Sciences Teaching Assistant Award

Two Applied Health Sciences (AHS) Teaching Assistant Awards will be offered in each of the School of Public Health and Health Systems, Department of Kinesiology and Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies per year.


Any current graduate student in the Faculty of AHS who serves, or has served, as a teaching assistant (TA) for at least one course within the September to August calendar year is eligible.

Terms of the award

The awards are valued at $500 each.

Nominations may come from instructors, students, and other teaching assistants. An AHS award committee comprised of professors and graduate students will choose the winning TAs based on the students meeting at least two of the following criteria: 

  • Demonstrates a strong commitment to the overall learning, academic and personal growth of students;
  • Exhibits clear communication skills during tutorials, labs and/or office hours;
  • Responds to emails in a timely manner;
  • Provides thorough feedback on assignments;
  • Discusses course material with intellectual rigour, enthusiasm and integrity;
  • Has a favourable and significant influence on students;
  • Shows sensitivity to the needs of students; and
  • Demonstrates high-quality teaching and student learning, either in tutorials, guest lectures or in one-on-one meetings with students.

Each recipient will be asked to address the Graduate Teaching Assistant Training Day. 

Recipient nomination and selection

Nominations are to be forwarded from the units to Rhona Hanning by email by August 31.

Selection will be made annually prior to the Fall term. Recipients will be notified by the Faculty shortly after the selection is made.