Applied Health Sciences Teaching Award nomination form

Complete the form below to nominate an instructor for the Applied Health Sciences Teaching Award. See criteria and deadlines at Applied Health Sciences Teaching Award.

Tell us why they are such a terrific instructor. Please provide specific examples that illustrate the candidate's exceptional teaching quality.

What should I write?

  • Did/do they inspire you to consider a certain career path, graduate school, community activity?
  • Do students talk about how good they are outside of class, and what do they say?   Do they seem particularly committed to student success, and how do they do that?
  • Do they teach you in ways that make it exciting for you to come to class and easier for you to learn and understand the course material?
  • What do they do that supports students and their learning above and beyond their work in the classroom? (e.g., engaging with AHSUM or department/faculty/university student associations; offering meaningful, innovative, and engaging events/experiences for their students; providing mentorship)
  • Have they transformed the way you think, learn, read, act, or live your life?

If you have any questions before nominating a candidate you can contact an AHS Teaching Fellow.

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

See the above guidelines to help you write a strong, detailed nomination.