MC Building Access

The purpose of this communication is to provide direction for Applied Mathematics controlled office space for the Winter 2022 academic term. We return to in person classes and on campus operations effective, February 7, [ University Communication, January 31, 2022; Vivek Goel, President and Vice-Chancellor, James W.E. Rush, Provost].  This allows for teaching, research, and other operations to resume in line with the university staged return to campus. This page provides information on return guidelines specific to the department and will be updated as public measures evolve. 

Effective February 7:

  • the university transitions to to full in-person experiences that includes labs, seminars, lectures and tutorials. Large lectures remain online until February 28.
  • staff members return to on-campus operations. 
  • teaching and research activities that require in-person presence on-campus resume; existing safety precautions and distancing requirements remain in place. Occupants of shared office space follow the W22 Graduate Student Schedule.pdf.

How do I acquire access to my office during regular working hours?

Faculty and students must satisfy the following requirements:

Read the requirements before entering MC,

Record your visit to campus buildings using the university Campus Check-In. Ensure you come to campus on your assigned day if you occupy shared office space.

Complete the COVID-19 screening questions using the Campus Check-In Tool before arriving on campus each day. The provincial self-assessment tool is also still available if you have symptoms and need more detailed screening.

Building hours:

DC, MC, M3 building hours:

Monday-Friday: open 8:00am-11:00pm

Saturday-Sunday: open 9:00am-5:00pm

Employees and researchers may continue to access buildings to support necessary on-campus activities. Access outside these hours requires key or fob entry.

*New* Department Office hours

Effective, February 7, Staff are participating in a pilot Hybrid Work Schedule for the Winter term in accordance with university Work from Home guidelines. Staff who can satisfy their job requirements while working from home can do so up to a maximum of two days.  Please refer to the Winter 2022 Staff Hybrid Work Schedule.  Staff continue to be accessible and responsive on both outlook and TEAMs, 8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday to Friday. 

When accessing campus please remember the general rules that continue to apply:

  1. All visits to campus buildings must be recorded using Campus Check-In. The Applied Math department access request webform has been discontinued.  The capacity of shared office space is regulated by the two-meter distancing rule.  
  2. W22 Graduate Student Schedule. The Winter 2022 term office schedule provides a physical distancing of 2 meters in all office areas shared with others. Graduate students are required to wear a mask at all times, unless you are the only person in the office.  Flexibility in the schedule is dependent on demand and capacity levels. Preference will be given to those students who have a strong need for accommodation. Ensure that you access campus only on your assigned day.
  3. Masks are required in hallways and common areas shared with others or when physical distancing is not possible. 
  4. Proof of vaccination now required for on campus access. Starting September 7, everyone in the University of Waterloo community, including visitors, must provide proof of vaccination before coming to campus [Submit your proof or apply for accommodation instruction]

For further information visit Math Faculty website:  COVID-19 information for faculty and staff | Mathematics | University of Waterloo (