Tuesday, May 19, 2015 — 10:00 AM EDT
Of the thesis entitled: AFTER THE CITY   


This thesis is an anthology of stories, mappings, photographs, and thoughts about Detroit. It is an analysis of the post-metropolis, the most modern city in the world, and the events and convulsions that have brought it into being. It describes the city that was, that which remains, and the city that may again be. It is also an account of my journey to find that city, to walk its streets as a brother.  
Detroit is not simply a collection of roads and buildings and people, however many or few, but rather it is an ecology of interdependent and often competing desires. It's story is the story of the building of the modern world, and its fall is the beginning of that world's end.
In a city defined by erasure and unbuilding, the role of architecture is unclear. It can provide the language to describe the structure of the city and the pieces that remain - it can suggest possible futures, but cannot realize them alone. Just one of the constellation of forces that have conspired to build the city on the straits, architecture and the city building have become useful tools for those seeking to reconstitute Detroit for their own ends, with often uneven results.
This thesis seeks to reconcile the city, not to remake it. It is not an intervention.
The examining committee is as follows:


Committee Members:

Robert Jan Van Pelt, University of Waterloo

Rick Haldenby, University of Waterloo
Donald McKay, University of Waterloo  

External Reader:

Dr. William Woodworth


The committee has been approved as authorized by the Graduate Studies Committee.

The Defence Examination will take place:  

Tuesday May 19, 2015

Architecture Room 1001 (Lawrence Cummings Lecture Theatre) 

A copy of the thesis is available for perusal in ARC 2106A.

ARC - School of Architecture
Room 1001
7 Melville Street South

Cambridge, ON N1S 2H4

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