Fabrication Labs

Architecture students using the workshop to build models

In a world where digital imagery is everywhere, it is all the more important that architects are able to think and work with real materials and understand the processes of construction. A well-equipped workshop allows all Architecture students to experience the pleasure of actually making things. This may include scale models of architectural designs, full-scale constructions, or other objects such as furniture, and light fixtures.

Workshop Equipment

The Architecture Workshop is almost 5000 sq. ft. in size and is equipped with machinery and tools for work in a variety of materials:

  • band saw
  • radial arm saw
  • compound mitre saw
  • panel saw
  • scroll saw
  • 4 table saws (blade capacities from 6” to 14” to accommodate large timbers or paper-thin cuts)
  • jointer
  • planer
  • lathe
  • drill presses
  • stationary sanders
  • hand tools
  • equipment for sheet metal work: 13” shear, 45” shear, 24” brake for folding sheet metal, grinders, and benders
  • The shop is also equipped with numerous assembly tables as well as a vacuum bag clamping system and a steam bending system.

Fabrication Equipment

The workshop also contains up-to-date fabrication equipment associated with the Integrated Centre for Visualization, Design and Manufacturing.

A Techno-Isel CNC router, a ZCorp 3D digital printer and two Universal laser cutters take computer files and turn them directly into physical objects.

The equipment is available to both undergraduate and graduate students with appropriate training and under supervision of shop staff.

Workshop Safety

Safety is a prime concern in the operation of the workshop. All applicable environmental and safety standards are observed. A Workshop Technician assists students with their projects, provides instruction on the safe use of equipment and maintains the facility.

Though the assembly area is available to students at all hours, the larger tools only operate when the workshop is supervised.