Portfolio table at March Open House 2014

Your portfolio is an essential component of your application to the School of Architecture. The purpose of the portfolio is to demonstrate your creativity and critical thinking, as well as technical skill. Applicants should include art, design and other creative work that illustrates those characteristics.

What to include in your portfolio

There are no specific requirements for portfolios. You can include any work you feel best demonstrates your creative interests and abilities. Possible portfolio pieces might include:

  • Drawings or paintings of any subject
  • Mixed media and conceptual work
  • Examples of 3-dimensional works
  • Craft and design work such as ceramics, jewelry, metal work or furniture
  • Digital media work such as graphic design or animation
  • Photography or video work
  • Performance work such as dance and music, either recorded or performed live. 

Portfolios consisting strictly of drafting or other technical drawings are rarely what the admissions
committee is looking for. You are encouraged to also bring your sketchbooks to your interview as evidence of your thought and creative processes. It is preferable to bring in the original versions of your pieces,
rather than photographic or other reproductions. If you intend to show performance work, please keep it brief to allow sufficient time for conversation during your interview.

Remember it is YOUR portfolio

Be prepared to speak to and answer questions about your creative work and other related interests. You should be able to demonstrate through discussion with the committee your personal knowledge and
involvement in all pieces presented. An important aspect of the interview process is the determination of authorship of your portfolio pieces. Submission of work that is not your own will result in the dismissal of your application.

Your portfolio should be recent

Powers of observation, design sensitivity, drawing skills, and craftsmanship constantly improve and will likely be more refined in recent work. Include only what you consider to be your best work in the final portfolio. 

Portfolio limits

There is no page limit or piece limit for your portfolio. However, bear in mind that you will only have 25 minutes in your interview in which to highlight your personal work.