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Full-time faculty profiles

Rick Andrighetti

Continuing Lecturer

Rick received his B.Arch. from Waterloo in 1984. His design work, in conjunction with Toronto firms, has received numerous awards, including a Governor General’s Medal in Architecture. He has taught in numerous design studios over the years, with an emphasis on design fundamentals. He has also taught courses in landscape theory and design. Research interests include: Canadian architecture and landscape history and theory; contemporary landscape design; relationships between buildings and the land; land art.

Philip Beesley


Philip Beesley MRAIC OAA RCA (Professor School of Architecture, University of Waterloo; Director Integrated Group for Visualization, Design and Manufacturing, Director Riverside Architectural Press) is a practicing architect developing responsive kinetic architectural environments that approach near-living functions.

Adrian Blackwell

Assistant Professor/Graduate Officer

Adrian Blackwell received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Waterloo and his Master of Urban Design from the University of Toronto. He is an artist and urban and architectural designer whose work examines the relation between physical spaces and political/economic forces. He has exhibited his work at artist-run-centers and public institutions across Canada, in the 2005 Shenzhen Biennale, the 2011 Chengdu Biennale and at London’s Architectural Association.

Terri Meyer Boake


Contact Information

Office: ARC 3012

Phone: 519.888.4567 x27634

Fax: 416.636.0323




B.E.S., University of Waterloo

B.Arch., University of Waterloo

M.Arch., University of Toronto


Anne Bordeleau

O'Donovan Director

A registered architect in Quebec, Anne Bordeleau was awarded a PhD from the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies (University College London, UK) after receiving her professional degree and Masters in the history and theory of architecture from McGill University (Montreal). She is an architect and historian with publications on the temporal dimensions of casting, drawings, maps, buildings and architecture more generally.

Elizabeth English

Associate Professor

Dr. English has her PhD and Master of Science in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. She has a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from MIT. Her undergraduate degree is an A.B. from Princeton in Architecture and Urban Planning. She was formerly an Associate Professor - Research at the Hurricane Centre in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Louisiana State University. She has taught Structures, Construction and Design at the Schools of Architecture at Tulane, Minnesota and Michigan.

Rick Haldenby


Rick is a very proud graduate of the Waterloo School of Architecture and was its Director from 1988-2013.   He is the founder of our Rome Program, a teacher in the Iconography Theme area, and a recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award.  He has also been involved in archeological work in Italy, Carthage and Malta and runs the mid-size city research program. Research interests include: Mediterranean archaeology; design and management of historic landscapes and sites; design in mid-size cities; and community/university partnerships.

Jane Hutton

Assistant Professor

Jane Hutton is a landscape architect, whose research looks at the extended relationships of materials in design, examining links between the landscapes of production and consumption of common building materials. From 2011-2016, she was an Assistant Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and previously taught at the University of Toronto. Her design research has focused on material flows and urban change, and has been published and exhibited in venues in Canada, the US, the UK, and China.

Andrew Levitt

Continuing Lecturer

Andrew Levitt has a degree from the Architectural Association, London, England and a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia. He is the author of, THE INNER STUDIO  A Designers Guide to the Resources of the Psyche. The book offers a psychological view of the built world in order to help architects understand the wisdom of their dreams, body and shadow during the process of design. Current research is focused on craft, creativity and design.

Marie-Paule Macdonald

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office: ARC 3004

Phone: 519.888.4567 x27628



Donald McKay

Associate Professor

Donald is a graduate of the University of Toronto and has designed many widely published and award-winning projects including both buildings and furniture. He is teaching ARCH 100 and ARCH 110 this fall. Research interests include: contemporary architectural design; composition, tectonics and manufacturing practice; continental infrastructures; vernacular artifacts; furniture design; domesticity; photography.

John McMinn


John is a graduate of the Architectural Association and McGill University, and has taught and lectured at many schools of architecture in Europe and North America. He practices in Toronto, is a frequent curator of exhibitions on architecture, and has published widely in journals on contemporary Canadian architecture. He has written books on the cultural dimensions of contemporary sustainable architecture, 41º to 66º: Regional Responses to Sustainable Architecture in Canada, and on Canada’s leading engineering practice, Yolles: A Canadian Engineering Legacy.

Robert Jan van Pelt

University Professor

Cultural historian and author, Robert Jan earned a D.Litt. from Leiden University and has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in recognition of his scholarly work. He has written several highly acclaimed books, and he is world-renowned for his extensive research into issues surrounding the architecture of the Holocaust. He recently completed a book on Jewish refugees from Nazi persecution, and he is presently working on a book on the culture of tourist trips to the death camps in Germany and Poland. He will be teaching the First Year Cultural History course this fall.

Lorenzo Pignatti

Associate Professor/Associate Director (Rome)

Lorenzo, who received a B. Arch. from the University of Rome and an M.Arch. from the University of Toronto, is the Director of the Waterloo Rome Program and he also teaches at the Facoltà di Architettura in Pescara (Italy). Based in Italy, Lorenzo has an architectural office in Rome. Research interests include: architectural design and urbanism; relationship between history and design; rehabilitation of industrial sites and relationship between architecture and landscape.

Maya Przybylski

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office: ARC 2018    Phone: 519.888.4567 x27618


Dereck Revington

Associate Professor

Dereck is a graduate of the Architectural Association, London, recipient of the Canada Council Prix de Rome in Architecture,(1991-92) and has taught at Universities across Canada, in the USA and Italy. The works of Dereck Revington Studio encompass architecture, commissioned public sculpture, museum installations and performance, and over the last decade have been installed and exhibited in Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, New York and Toronto.

Val Rynnimeri

Associate Professor/Graduate Officer

Val is a graduate of the Waterloo School of Architecture and has been an adjunct faculty member since 1981 and a full-time faculty member since 1990. He also has an MA in History from the University of Guelph. His design work has won numerous competitions and awards, and focuses on urban design and land development, the landscape urbanism of the urban periphery, and the ecosystem design of green infrastructure.

Lola Sheppard

Associate Professor/Undergraduate Officer

Lola Sheppard’s research exists at the intersection of architecture, landscape, and urbanism. It privileges architecture as a mutable territory that is formed out of and responsive to its history and environment.  The work posits that the role of the architect is not simply problem solver or designer, but cultural, environmental and spatial detective, bringing to light the forces at work within a site-specific climate and geography, and able to look for synergies between issues and opportunities.

Ryszard Sliwka

Associate Professor

Ryszard Sliwka studied and practiced art and architecture in Britain, the United States and Canada and has a Masters in Architecture and Urban design from Washington University, St Louis. Current research focuses on the themes of Mimesis, Materiality and Immateriality, both in art and architecture. A second area of research examines the social and economic forces transforming the current Urban Landscape. In 2006 he began an M1 Europe studio based in Rome.

John Straube

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office: ARC 2021

Phone: 519.888.4567 x27621


Tracey Winton

Associate Professor
Tracey Eve Winton is an architect and iconographer who holds a Ph.D. in the History and Philosophy of Architecture from Cambridge University, and an M. Arch. in the History and Theory of Architecture from McGill. She teaches Cultural History in Cambridge, and Design Studio and Urban History in the Rome program. Recent graduate seminars have included Architectural Ornament and Detail. Every year, Tracey and her 2B students stage an original theatrical production to explore ideas about spatial design, the body, and landscape.

David Correa

Assistant Professor

David Correa's research in architecture is positioned at the interface between bio-inspired design strategies, information-intensive tools and material development.Under the supervision of Professor Achim Menges, David initiated and led the research field of Bio-inspired 3D Printed Programmable Material Systems at the Institute for Computational Design (ICD), University of Stuttgart, where he is currently Doctoral Candidate.

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