Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office: ARC 2021

Phone: 519.888.4567 x27621


Teaching Interests

  • The science behind why we build how we do
  • Making the next generation of building designers better able to meet growing demands for performance
  • Connecting research results and best practices to applications for practicing professionals

Research Interests

  • Building performance (durability, energy efficiency, health, sustainability, comfort) as a function of use, climate regions, etc.
  • Heat air and moisture transport within/through building materials and systems and the resulting problems of freeze-thaw, corrosion, rot, mould, dissolution, etc. Modelling, and testing of same.
  • New, high-performance, low-energy and sustainable building products, materials, and systems. 

Major Funding Sources


Selected Publications

  • Book Straube, J.F., High Performance Enclosures: Design Guide for Institutional Commercial and Industrial Buildings in Cold Climates. Building Science Press, Somerville, Massachusetts, 2011. 320 pp.
  • Straube, J.F. and Burnett, E.F.P., Building Science for Building Enclosure Design. Building Science Press, Westford, Massachusetts, 2005. 510 pp.
  • McClung, R., Straube, J.F., Hua, G., Wang, J., “Field Study of Hygrothermal Performance of Cross-Laminated Timber Wall Assemblies with Built-in Moisture”, Proceedings of the 5th Int. Bldg. Phys. Conf., Kyoto, Japan, May 28-31, 2012.
  • Hanam, B., Straube, J.F., “Development of an Open Source Hourly Building Energy Modeling Software Tool”, 13th Canadian Conference on Building Science and Technology, Winnipeg, May 10, 2011.
  • Ueno, Kohta, Straube, J.F., "San Francisco Bay Area Net Zero Urban Infill", ASHRAE Transactions, Montreal, QC, 2011.
  • Straube, J.F., Schumacher, C.J., “Interior Insulation Retrofits of Load-Bearing Masonry Walls in Cold Climates”, J. of Green Buildings, Vol 2., No. 2, 2007 pp. 42-50.
  • Straube, J.F., "Chapter 5: Moisture", in Strawbale Design and Construction, Bruce King, ed., Green Building Press, San Francisco 2006.
  • Straube, J.F., Smith, R., “Need for Vapor Barriers in Above-Grade Walls with Spray Polyurethane Foam Cavity Insulation”, Proc. of 12th Can. Bldg. Sci. & Tech. Conference, Montreal, May 6-8, 2009, pp. 473-481.

Selected Professional Activities and Networks

  • Professional Engineer (Ontario)
  • Principal, Building Science Corporation
  • Author,
  • Member, Professional Engineers Ontario
  • Member CSA A371 Masonry Construction, Standards Committee
  • Member CAN/ULC S741-08 Standard for Air Barrier Materials
  • Member, American Society of Refrigeration and Air-Conditoning Engineers
  • Member, International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA) Canada
University of Waterloo

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