Lorenzo Pignatti

Professor Emeritus / Adjunct Professor, Rome

Lorenzo, who received a BArch from the University of Rome and an MArch from the University of Toronto, is the former Director of the Waterloo Rome Program and he also teaches at the Facoltà di Architettura in Pescara (Italy). Based in Italy, Lorenzo has an architectural office in Rome. Research interests include: architectural design and urbanism; relationship between history and design; rehabilitation of industrial sites and relationship between architecture and landscape.

Lorenzo Pignatti is Full Professor of Architectural Design at the Dipartimento di Architettura – University “G. D'Annunzio” in Pescara (Italy) and Emeritus Professor at the Cambridge School of Architecture of the University of Waterloo (Canada), where he has been the Director of the Rome Programme for almost thirty years.

He has been involved in various international academic exchanges and research projects between Italy and Canada, where he has promoted a large number of research and academic  projects, cultural initiatives, and exhibitions. More recently he has been working in developing joint research projects within the Euro-Adriatic Euro Region together with other universities in Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Greece.

Some of this work has been published in a monographic issue of PPC titled "Canada," "Transforming the Landscape: Il progetto di trasformazione nei luoghi della produzione" (Gangemi, 2011), "Projects Along the Coast Line: Adriatic Identities" (List Lab, 2014) and "Sguardi Incrociati/Crossing Sightlines Atlas of the Adriatic” (Aracne 2017). He edited (together with Stefania Gruosso) the book "Sarajevo. An Account of a City" (Lettera22 2018) and recently he published a monograph titled "Modernità nei Balcani. Da Le Corbusier a Tito" (Lettera22 2018). He was the coordinator of the international symposium IFAU 2018 titled "Territori Fragile/Fragile Territories" (Pescara 2018) and edited the book with selected essays "Territori Fragili" (Gangemi International 2020).

His architectural practice is centered on the role of public space within urban contexts. He has developed several projects for public spaces, including the design and construction of Piazza San Cosimato in the old center of Rome.

Tel: 011-3906-581-2918
Office: Rome

University of Waterloo

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