Maya Przybylski

Interim O'Donovan Director / Associate Professor

Maya Przybylski is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto where she was awarded the Royal Architectural Institute Medal for her thesis work. She previously earned a degree with a specialization in Software Engineering at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto. Through her teaching, research and design work Maya is exploring the complex intersection of architectural design, data and computation. She is developing methods for achieving a more complete engagement, including sociocultural agency as well as technical capacity, with the computational components embedded within data-driven design work.  Maya is the director of the DATALab research group at the School of Architecture.

Contact Information

Office: ARC 2018 
Phone: 519.888.4567 x27618


B.Sc.(Hon.), Computer Science – Software Engineering (University of Toronto)

M.Arch. (University of Toronto)

Teaching Interests

Computational Design, Landscape Urbanism, Expanded Digital Practice, Core Studio

Research Interests

Computational Design Methods, Design Complexity, Expanded Design Representation/Visualization, Landscape Urbanism, Infrastructural Opportunism.

Major Funding Sources

UW 4A Research Incentive Fund Award

Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts (Bracket Almanac)

Selected Publications

  • Przybylski, M. with Sheppard L., (Eds.), (Forthcoming). At Extremes. Bracket, Vol 3. Barcelona: Actar Publishing. (Forthcoming - 2013)
  • Przybylski, M. “Bootstrapping a Computational Discourse,” Proceedings of the 2012 100th ACSA Annual Meeting in Boston, MA. (2012)
  • Przybylski, M. “Land Reservations: Landfill as Connector”, On Site: Dirt, Vol. 26 (Calgary: the association for non-profit architectural fieldwork).(2011)
  • Bhatia, N., Przybylski, M, Sheppard, L and White, M. Coupling: Strategies for Infrastructural Opportunism. Pamphlet Architecture 30. United States: Princeton Architectural Press. (2010)
  • Przybylski, M. with White, M., (Eds.), On Farming. Bracket, Vol 1. Barcelona: Actar Publishing. (2010)
  • Przybylski, M. “The Catalog: From Ploughs to Clouds” in White, M., Przybylski, M. (eds) On Farming, [bracket], vol 1. Barcelona and New York: Actar. (2010)
  • Przybylski, M., Bhatia, N. “Learning from Ecosystems” in Field Journal: Ecology. Vol. 4, Issue 1. Sheffield: University of Sheffield.  (2010)
  • Przybylski, M. Occupying the Caspian Sea: A One Hundred Year Plan. In Knechtel, J., (Ed.), Fuel (pp. 94-123). Toronto and Cambridge: MIT Press. (2008)

Selected Professional Activities and Networks

University of Waterloo

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