Adjunct Professor

Miles Gertler trained as an architect at Princeton University, having completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo. With Igor Bragado he co-founded the design-research office Common Accounts in 2015. They are recognized for their work Closer Each Day: The Architecture of Everyday Death, and Going Fluid: The Cosmetic Protocols of Gangnam, which was exhibited at the third Istanbul Design Biennial in 2016. Common Accounts was a selected contributor for the Seoul International Bienniale on Architecture and Urbanism in 2017 with their project Three Ordinary Funerals. Gertler's third solo exhibition of images and sculpture, Instant Double, opened in the solo section of Art Toronto 2017. In the same year, his solo show Rare Item opened at Toronto's Corkin Gallery. He is a contributor to e-flux architecture's Superhumanity series, having lectured at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul. His and Common Accounts' work has been profiled by Artsy, Azure, Cuarto, Designlines, Format, and Bracket, and has appeared at Lima Photo, Columbia University, Princeton University, the MMCA, and at the A+D Museum in Los Angeles. He is the recipient of the Suzanne K. Underwood Prize and the Henry Adams A.I.A. Certificate from Princeton University.

University of Waterloo

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