Terri Meyer Boake

Professor / Associate Director, Undergraduate Studies

B.E.S., University of Waterloo
B.Arch., University of Waterloo
M.Arch., University of Toronto

Teaching Interests
Building construction, Environmental design, Passive design, Sustainable design, Steel construction, AESS, Architecture and film, Multimedia, Web design

Research Interests
Construction technology, Low Carbon design, Steel construction, AESS, Diagrids, Architecture and film

Major Funding Sources
Canadian Institute of Steel Construction
Steel Structures Education Foundation of Canada

Selected Publications
    •    Boake, Terri Meyer. Understanding Steel Design: An Architectural Design Manual. Birkhäuser, 2012.
    •    Boake, Terri Meyer. CISC Guide for Specifying Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel. CISC, 2012.
    •    Boake, Terri Meyer. Australia/New Zealand Guide for Specifying Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel. Australian Steel Institute, 2012.
    •    Boake, Terri Meyer. “The Leap to Zero Carbon and Zero Emissions: Understanding How to Go Beyond Existing Sustainable Design Protocols.” Journal of Green Building Fall (2008).
    •    Boake, Terri Meyer. "The Void in the Celluloid Skyline." Datutop 29. City + Cinema (2007).
    •    Boake, Terri Meyer. "Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel: Clearer Communications for a Better Project." Architectural Engineering Institute Conference (2013).
    •    Boake, Terri Meyer. "Diagrids the New Stability System: Combining Architecture with Engineering." Architectural Engineering Institute Conference (2013).
    •    Fun is in the Details: Innovations in Steel Connections

    •    Stars + Steel: Case Studies in Innovative Steel Design

    •    The Carbon Neutral Design Project

    •    Full list of projects:

Selected Professional Activities and Networks
    •    Past President of the Society of Building Science Educators
    •    Past President of the Building Technology Educators’ Society
    •    Member of the Ontario Association of Architects Committee on the Sustainable Built Environment

Tel: 519.888.4567 x27634
Fax: 416.636.0323
Office: ARC 3012

Website: http://www.tboake.com

University of Waterloo

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