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Portfolio Requirements

Portfolios should be submitted in a single PDF document of no more than 50 pages or 30MB, formatted on 8.5x11” pages horizontal format. The design and format of the portfolio should be kept simple so that it can properly illustrate the projects within without obscuring or overpowering them.

The purpose of the portfolio is to show creative and critical thinking, as well as a developed architectural ability. Applicants should include art and design work that illustrates those characteristics. The portfolio work itself should illustrate the concepts and ideas that applicants are mobilizing in their work, not simply technical ability. In order to make the ideas of the portfolio works clear, applicants should include a one paragraph description of each work, and caption all drawings where explanation is required. 

The work that applicants can show could have been done in previous undergraduate architecture degrees, as well as work done in offices, or independently. Any collaborative work must be clearly labeled with the names of all collaborators and  an outline of the applicant’s role in the collaboration. Any work done in an office under the supervision of a senior architect must include the name of the firm, that of the supervising architect, and a description of the role the applicant performed in the project. All images in the portfolio not produced directly by the applicant must clearly credit name of the drawing’s author.

All portfolios must be uploaded to Quest by February 1, 2019 following the formatting requirements above. Please do not mail a hard copy.