Accessing portfolios

Space is available to enable you to post your portfolio on the Architecture web server. Please try to limit the file size of your portfolio to 25MB or less. If you already have a web portfolio, you can link it to your resume.

Try to keep the filenames of uploaded materials simple and if at all possible avoid spaces in filenames as this will become part of the URL you share with employers e.g. "portfolio.pdf"
After you have uploaded materials they can be accessed from the following URL:

To connect to our server and post your portfolio requires that you download and install a client program capable of sftp (a network protocol designed to provide secure file transfer and manipulation facilities over SSH) There are many freely available client programs for all computing platforms. IST provides a Mac and a Windows client free for student use.

Client Setup

  • Type the following information into the access panel of your client program or setup a profile with this information for repeated use.
    • server name or host or URL:
    • username: your NEXUS userid (we will use jdoe for the rest of this example)
    • password: your NEXUS password
    • remote path: /portfolio/jdoe/
  • A list of your portfolio folder and any files in it will be displayed

Resume Guidelines

The HTML resume handles normal text features but if you have an advanced graphic resume then you should post it in your portfolio. Please access the CECS Online Student Help for more information about the CECS online features.

Please contact for details.

Contact Information

  • If you do not know your CECS password then contact the help at 888-4567 X5990 between 8:30-12:00 and 1:00-4:30 Monday to Friday
  • If you require assistance creating your portfolio, then please contact the ACM Helpdesk at ext. 27600.