Supply store

The supply store is a resource available to current Waterloo Architecture students only.

The supply store provides students with a convenient location to purchase basic architectural supplies such as adhesives, drafting supplies, writing instruments, papers and boards, sketchbooks and basswood.

Located in room 2004, the supply store is in the same location as the ACM Helpdesk and houses two large format printers (plotters) for student use.


Hours will be extended during mid-term and end-of-term deadlines and reduced between academic terms. All changes will be posted on the exterior ACM door and the website. The supply store is closed weekends and University of Waterloo Holidays.

Supply store policy

  1. All sales are FINAL No returns, exchanges, or refunds.
  2. All items must be paid for before they leave the store.
  3. Services such as plotting are paid for when picked up. Refusal to pay may result in your marks being withheld and you may not be able to register for the next term until payment is received.


There are two large format plotters available for student use. They are located in ACM on the second floor.

We will not plot files that are too large (max. 80MB) and students will be expected to pay for what is produced unless it is a printing error on our part. Those who do not pick-up or pay for their prints within 2 business days will have a hold placed on their student account - marks will be withheld and they will not be able to register for the next term.

Instructions for Plotting

  1. Layers should be flattened at each stage of the process - before making a .pdf file.
    *For example, if importing layered files from Illustrator into InDesign, you should flatten the Illustrator files before importing. InDesign will not flatten another program's files.
  2. Your panel should be no more than 35.5" wide (there is a .25 white margin that prints on each side). If wider than 35.5" we will have to crop or scale down your plot to make it fit. If you choose a smaller width (24" x 48"), you are still required to pay for 36" width paper.
    Your panel should be no more than 125" long.
  3. Files should be submitted in .pdf format.
  4. Final images should be no larger than 200 dpi.
  5. Please ensure you have properly prepared your document for printing. We reserve the right to refuse documents that are too large or improperly prepared.

Regular plotting policy

  1. We have a 24-hour plotting policy. Email files to the Helpdesk and they will be available for pick-up 1 business day after submission.
  2. If you do not pick up & pay for your plots within 2 business days, a hold may be placed on your student account.
  3. All documents are printed exactly as specified by the embedded colour profile. Colours are not guaranteed to print the way they look on your monitor. If you are concerned about colour calibration or any other quality issues for projects please speak with your professor or TA before printing.
    * It is recommended that you print a test plot when you drop off your files (subject to regular plotting prices). Colours, lines, etc. produced on the plotters vs the student printers are very different.
  4. No Refunds will be given for files that do not print as expected unless the problem is due to obvious hardware failure.

Deadline Plotting Policy

The plotting policy during a printing deadline is the same as the regular policy, with a few exceptions:

  • We do not accept test plots on the day/week of a deadline. You must submit your test plot in advance if you wish to ensure the colour and quality is acceptable.
  • ACM will be open extended hours for a plotting deadline. All changes will be posted on the exterior ACM door and the website.
  • ACM will set a deadline for files to be submitted via Learn, to allow sufficient time for printing. The deadline will be determined by the number of students in the class, number of panels per student, etc. Generally we require 2-3 business days to print for a studio class.
  • If your files are not submitted to ACM by the designated time, there is no guarantee that your plots will be available for your crit.

Plotting Prices

  • Bond Paper: $2.00 / square foot
  • Vellum or Heavyweight Art Paper: $3.00 / square foot
  • Mylar or Satin Photo Paper: $4.00 / square foot

For all media types : prints with full ink coverage (i.e. black or colour background) will be charged $1.00 more per square foot, and monochrome line drawings will be charged $1.00 less per square foot.

Store hours-Winter 2018

Jan. 3-Mar. 23
Regular Hours M - F: 1 PM - 4 PM

Mar. 26-Apr. 13 (closed Good Friday)
Deadline Hours M - F: 
9AM - 12PM, 1PM - 4PM

Apr. 16-24
Regular Hours M - F: 1 PM - 4 PM

Apr. 25-30
Between Terms - CLOSED


7 Melville Street South
Cambridge, Ontario
Tel: 519.888.4567 ext 27600

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