School of Architecture Award for Black and Indigenous Students

One award valued at $6,000 or two awards valued at $3,000 each will be awarded to Black or Indigenous students entering first year at the School of Architecture in Fall 2021. Selection will be based on academic performance, the admission portfolio and interview. To be considered, students must apply by May 15, 2021. The scholarship committee will make decisions by June 1, 2021. This award was generously donated by two Adjunct Faculty Lecturers in the School of Architecture who want to increase accessibility to education for students from Black and Indigenous communities.

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The following questions are voluntary and are being asked solely for the purpose of determining eligibility for this award.
Are you a Black student?
Are you an Indigenous student?
For the purpose of this award, an Indigenous person is a person who self-identifies as First Nations (Status/Non-Status), Métis, or Inuit as defined in the Canadian Constitution Act 1982.