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Why Should you Care About Data?

Waterloo.AI's Co-Director - Jimmy Lin, explains the importance of data in this episode of the "Back to the Classroom" video series.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the study of machines and software that exhibit intelligence, such as learning, reasoning, planning, problem-solving, predicting, and the use of language and vision. With the advent of big data, and driven by the explosion of computing capacity and speed, AI tools are being increasingly integrated into technological solutions that are central to our everyday life, business, society, and the environment.

Since launching in 2018, Waterloo.ai's multidisciplinary research teams have been collaborating with industry to develop intelligent systems in areas such as disease detection and treatment, understanding language and emotion, vehicle navigation, and ensuring fairness and equity in such systems.

Our projects are building tomorrow's intelligent systems today, translating industrial requirements into deployable AI. In years to come, we expect this investment to yield profound dividends for the economic prosperity and quality of life of people all around the world.

And we are just getting started.

Image of Impact Report 2021

  1. Jan. 20, 2022Innovation, entrepreneurship and building the metaverse
    Image of Metaverse graphic.

    Computer science PhD student launches company offering virtual reality streaming services

    By Jon Parsons, Faculty of Mathematics  

  2. Jan. 16, 2022Researchers use AI to analyze tweets debating vaccination and climate change
    Image of person using their smartphone.

    Analyzing roughly 87 million tweets, researchers found sentiments around climate change to be uniform, but not so for vaccination

    By Media Relations

  3. Jan. 9, 2022The next big computing revolution
    Image of Christine Muschik

    Researcher Christine Muschik thinks outside the box with quantum computing innovations

     By Rose Simone, University Relations

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  1. Feb. 3, 2022Waterloo.AI Seminar: Prof. Martha White on "Developing Reinforcement Learning Agents that Learn Many Subtasks"
    Image of Seminar Thumbnail - Prof. Martha White

    Title: Developing Reinforcement Learning Agents that Learn Many Subtasks

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