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Why Should you Care About Data?

Waterloo.AI's Co-Director - Jimmy Lin, explains the importance of data in this episode of the "Back to the Classroom" video series.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the study of machines and software that exhibit intelligence, such as learning, reasoning, planning, problem-solving, predicting, and the use of language and vision. With the advent of big data, and driven by the explosion of computing capacity and speed, AI tools are being increasingly integrated into technological solutions that are central to our everyday life, business, society, and the environment.

Since launching in 2018, Waterloo.ai's multidisciplinary research teams have been collaborating with industry to develop intelligent systems in areas such as disease detection and treatment, understanding language and emotion, vehicle navigation, and ensuring fairness and equity in such systems.

Our projects are building tomorrow's intelligent systems today, translating industrial requirements into deployable AI. In years to come, we expect this investment to yield profound dividends for the economic prosperity and quality of life of people all around the world.

And we are just getting started.

Image of Impact Report 2021

  1. Apr. 14, 2022Waterloo RoboHub helps Avidbots advance robotics innovation
    Pablo Molina and his co-founder izan Sheikh

    Avidbots partners with the University to improve the efficiency of their autonomous floor cleaning robot, Neo

    By: Stephanie Longeway

  2. Mar. 21, 2022MRI innovation makes cancerous tissue light up and easier to see
    3D rendering of MRI scan machine

    New technology has promising potential to improve cancer screening

    By Media Relations

  3. Mar. 17, 2022Self-driving CEO puts his money where his passion is
    Alex Rodrigues, left, and Brandon Moak of Embark Trucking.

    Alex Rodrigues of Embark Trucks donates his pay to support youth robotics, STEM education

    By Brian Caldwell Faculty of Engineering

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  1. May 26, 2022Waterloo.AI Seminar: Greg Yang (Senior Researcher, Microsoft) on "Tuning GPT-3 on a Single GPU via Zero-Shot Hyperparameter Transfer"
    Image of Greg Yang, Microsoft Senior Researcher

    Title: Tuning GPT-3 on a Single GPU via Zero-Shot Hyperparameter Transfer

  2. May 31, 2022Waterloo.AI Special Event: CascadAI Pancanadian Hybrid Conference on "The Way Forward is Responsible AI"
    Image of Cascad AI Event Banner

    As more companies adopt algorithmic systems and incorporate artificial intelligence into their business plans, they stand to benefit from increased efficiency and powerful data insights. But too many companies lack a complete understanding of how the technology works and its potential risks.

  3. June 2, 2022Waterloo.AI Seminar: Prof. Oliver Schulte on "Valuing Hockey Actions and Ranking Players With Reinforcement Learning"
    Image of Prof. Oliver Schulte

    Title: Valuing Hockey Actions and Ranking Players With Reinforcement Learning

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