Affiliated Workshops

AI Roundtable Workshop: "AI, Global Governance and International Public Policy" - Organized by BSIA, a Waterloo.AI Partner - Jan. 14, 2021

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The Balsillie School of International Affairs (BSIA) -  a partner of Waterloo.AI, organized a roundtable workshop on “Artificial Intelligence, Global Governance and International Public Policy”. The Institutes Co-Director, Fakhri Karray and members, Jatin Nathwani, Jesse Hoey, Joel Blit, Kate Larson, and Jason Lajoie participated in the workshop.

The workshop attendees included leading scholars, senior policy makers, and industry leaders. The workshop enabled the leaders with an opportunity to discuss AI Global Governance, with two main objectives: (1) To discuss policy and ethical challenges with Artificial Intelligence driven technical developments; (2) To develop a broader research program to support multi-disciplinary, transnational, cutting-edge research, thought-leadership, and knowledge-mobilization in the growing field of study and practice. This discussion on Artificial Intelligence will help guide the future of research and publications.

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