Waterloo.AI GRADflix Competition Winners 2021

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Image of GRADflix Banner

Each year, Waterloo.AI invites Graduate Students from our own University of Waterloo to enter GRADflix, a video competition. Each student has 1 minute to display, through animation, videography, or a slideshow, the goals and outcomes of their graduate research work. Although monetary prizes from $500 to $2,000 are awarded to aid the research of the winners, the prize every student wins is the practice of developing a robust and succinct elevator pitch to bring to future partners or employers, as well as a polished video delivery of that pitch to direct the attention of said partners to.

This year’s winners for GRADflix are as follows:

Zaid Al-Sabbag, a 2025 Civil and Environmental Engineering student from the Faculty of Engineering, won first place with his research on augmented reality and it’s uses in infrastructure maintenance. Watch the video here on YouTube to see the use of Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 and image processing in “interactive segmentation”.

Ramashish Gaurav, a 2021 Systems Design Engineering student from the Faculty of Engineering, came in second with their research on low-energy consumption in AI models. Watch the video here on YouTube to learn how the use of Neuromorphic Chips that imitate the brain’s power conservation can combat excessive power use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Ali Nasr, a 2022 Systems Design Engineering Student from the Faculty of Engineering, took third place with their research on Electromyography (EMG), Artificial Intelligence, and their use in exoskeletons for people undergoing physical rehabilitation. Watch here to learn how machine learning trained on empirical data can alleviate challenges in traditional ways of mathematically modeling muscles.

If you are a Graduate Student with the University of Waterloo, nearing the end of your thesis, MRP, or dissertation, GRADflix is for you! Click this link to view competition information and submit your video: https://uwaterloo.ca/artificial-intelligence-institute/waterlooai-gradflix