Several  Waterloo AI Institute sponsoring companies have kindly provided generous in-kind and financial support for research labs and centers throughout the University of Waterloo. This support has benefited faculty members and students through direct research funding, scholarships, and access to their tremendous resources (data sets, computational resources, research staff).

One type of support provided by one of our generous partners (Loblaws Inc.) included the funding of a Research Chair in AI. A Research Chair allows its recipient (  faculty member) to dedicate a substantial amount of their research efforts on tackling challenging issues encountered by the company in certain areas of its business. The funds are usually committed over a four to five-year period and are usually matched by government funding.

The Waterloo AI Institute and Loblaws have formally announced in 2018 the funding of a Research Chair in Artificial Intelligence. The recipient was Professor Fakhri Karray, a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and one of the Founding Directors of the Waterloo AI Institute. The total amount of funding for the Research Chair (including matching funds) amounts to $1.7M. The research project tackles new solutions for Fresh Produce Price Prediction Using Tools of AI and Machine Learning. The project involves four faculty members and 12 researchers (Postdoc, PhD and M.Sc students). 

The Waterloo AI Institute welcomes more Research Chairs from its partner companies. For further information, please contact the Institute. Please note that several members affiliated with the Institute hold Research Chairs of their own which are supported by the federal government, industries, or the University of Waterloo.