Welcome to ARTS 101

We're excited you're joining us in the fall! 

ARTS 101 incoming student resource will be your one-stop resource to guide, engage, and support you as you transition to the University of Waterloo.

This site was developed to support incoming students during the transition period to university life.

Arts 101 – Incoming Student Web Resource covers all the steps you need to know, from academic advising to course enrollment to university etiquette tips. Leading up to Arts Orientation, the website is intended to help you feel prepared and become part of the Arts community. It is mobile-friendly and includes videos, social media posts, and a checklist to communicate deadlines and important dates so that you can be sure not to miss any crucial steps during your preparation for the fall term.

We will target three areas to improve your confidence: we want to make sure that you were familiar with the available support systems, the online classroom and administrative systems, and how to contact the university properly and professionally.