We're so excited to have you and your family join us on Tuesday, 16th July for Arts 101 Day, 2019. Before you come join us, here are a few resources you can check out to help you prepare for starting school at the University of Waterloo in September! 

University prep

Here are some helpful hints to start your university journey off on the right foot!

First year lectures

lecture iconWant to know what a first-year lecture is like? Wondering about lecture etiquette? Check out this page and our tips for successful lectures!

Note taking

book iconNote taking is critical to your success in class. Learn to be an effective note taker.

Achieving success

advise iconVisit this page for information about help and support.

Study and prepare for exams

a+ iconGreat tips on proper studying for mid-term and exams. How to be ready when the time comes.


Terms & definitions

terms iconDid you know Waterloo has its own lingo? Terms, place names, acronyms you'll want to learn.

Student portal

map iconJust-in-time information right on your phone. Portal is your place for all student-related things at Waterloo.


Managing your finances

scales iconIt's important to ensure you have enough money to cover all of your expenses. Learn more about managing your finances.


homework iconLEARN is your online classroom.  Your professors will post class notes, host discussions, assign quizzes, and may have you upload coursework through LEARN. 


Your rights and responsibilities

list iconLearn about your rights and responsibilities.


Other helpful information

Arts Computing Office

computer iconThe Arts Computing Office offers a variety of services, including help solving software and hardware related issues, and dealing with account-related problems.

Contact us

email iconHave questions? Email, call, or come in person to talk with your academic advisor.