You get through high school by being intelligent. You get through university by being organized.

                                                                                                             ―――UW Student Success Office

Lecture tips & tricks

What to expect

Classes can range from group work, peer presentations, group discussions, to more traditional lectures.

Read the Arts 101 Sample Psychology and Note Taking Lecture (PDF) to get a glimpse of what University level lectures looks like, and how you can take notes to effectively learn their content.

Lecture Etiquette

Lecture etiquette is important for everyone in the class!

  • Minimize talking during a lecture. 
  • Listen to the instructor and participate in class.
  • On the rare occasion you need to leave class early or arrive late, take a seat at the back of the class so you don't disturb anyone.
  • Put your phone away or on silent so you focus on learning.
  • Don't use social media, stream videos or music. This is distracting.
  • The seats are for students not your backpack. Make room!
  • Never use someone else’s clicker in class. This is a serious act of academic misconduct.