How to: set up UWaterloo email

Email is the primary communication tool used by the University, it is extremely important for you to activate your UWaterloo email account, practice using it, and check this account frequently.

Beginning June 27, email from the University of Waterloo will be sent to your new UWaterloo email address. New first-year students (Fall 2019) will be provided with a Microsoft Office 365 Education email account.

You must get into the habit of using your UWaterloo email address for all professional communication with faculty and staff.

Login to your account

  • Office 365 Sign in
  • You will have to reset your password!! Log in using your current password and then you’ll see steps on how to change your password. This site explains how – you need to scroll down just past the halfway point of the page and look under Activate your Office 365 account. You can also use the same password you have been using so far on Quest!! You just need to re-set it so everything is linked together on campus.

Not sure if you have an Office 365 account?

  1. Log in to your WatIAM account and click update your profile.
  2. Select the Email Configuration tab.
  3. If any entries include the email address, you already have an Office 365 account.

Using Office 365

  • Email forwarding is not enabled within Office 365. Forwarding preferences can be set through WatIAM.

If you run into problems, try this Troubleshooting guide or look at FAQ about WatIAM. If this still doesn't solve the problem, you can contact, or visit the Information Systems & Technology (IST) desk at East Campus 2 (EC2).

Did you know... It's critical you check your UWaterloo email account on a regular basis. Important email from the University of Waterloo will sent to your UWaterloo email account only.