LEARN is your online classroom.  Your professors will post class notes, host discussions, assign quizzes, and may have you upload coursework through LEARN. You’ll also have access to the smARTSpace community in LEARN. smARTSpace is your online Arts academic support network - it looks like a class but there's no homework! We use smARTSpace to keep you informed of important deadlines, events, and opportunities in Arts.

You need to know how to use LEARN and smARTSpace to stay on top of everything you need to do. Log onto LEARN using your WatIAM user ID and password.

  • Shortly before classes begin, you will be able to see your courses under "Courses and Communities" on your launch page. 
  • During the summer, you can get a taste of the layout and organization of LEARN by exploring the smARTSpace Community page.

Below is a quick guide to the most commonly-used LEARN tools.

Learn Website Navigation Pane Outlining Toolbar

You can navigate through your courses using the grid menu in the breadcrumbs located in the top right corner.

Course Home

Each course will have a course-specific Calendar, News widget, and Content Browser on the Course Home page.


You will find course content posted by your professor here, including the course outline, assessments, and units. 


You can view your grades of your submitted assignments here, once your professor marks your work.


  • ​Classlist
    • You can view your classmates' LEARN profiles. This may be handy if you need to find a friend's email.
  • Discussions
    • If you are asked to contribute to a discussion, you will find the course discussion threads here.
  • Groups
    • If your course includes group projects, you will find your assigned group here.


  • Dropbox
    • If your professor asks you to submit assignments through LEARN, you can find the submission folder under "Dropbox."
  • Quizzes
    • Sometimes professors will ask their students to complete course content online. You will find short online tests here.

Alert Icons

You will be alerted of LEARN emails, content and grade updates, and subscriptions here. When an icon has a red dot on it, you have an update!

Learn Website Navigation Pane Toolbar

Account Settings

You can access your settings and edit your public profile by using the drop-down menu in the top right corner.