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The University of Waterloo is home to four affiliated University Colleges: St. Jerome's University, Renison University College, St. Paul's University College, and Conrad Grebel University College. Any Arts student can apply to live at any of the University Colleges. They are located right on campus close to the "Arts" end of campus. No matter where they live, Arts students may also choose to co-register as a student at St. Jerome’s or Renison, allowing them to be part of these vibrant communities while earning their University of Waterloo degree. Courses at the University Colleges are open to all students across the University of Waterloo campus.

Conrad Grebel requires a separate application form; all other residences are part of the UWaterloo Residence guarantee and Residence Community Ranking form. Your Residence Contract will be due by mid-July; specific dates to be determined.

The University Colleges may be a great fit if:

  • you want to be a part of a smaller, close-knit community
  • you're enrolled in a program that offers a Living-Learning community at one of the University colleges.
  • you'd like participate in exciting student life and service learning opportunities

Some of the University Colleges (St. Jerome’s, Renison, and Conrad Grebel) have religious affiliations, but everyone is welcome into their inclusive caring communities. Campus Ministry teams at those Colleges focus on partnering with student service to help promote health and wellness, faith and spirituality, offer support and guidance, and opportunities for worship. 

If you choose to live elsewhere, you're still welcome to enroll in courses taught at the Colleges and be a part of the vibrant University College communities. Many students prefer the smaller class sizes and the unique student spaces. If you want to become a student of the University of Waterloo and the University College, you can co-register at St. Jerome's or contact to co-register at Renison.