Where are the ACO coop alumni now?

Sarah O'Conner

​When did Sarah work at ACO?

Sarah worked at ACO in 2004. One of the things that Sarah did during her time at the Arts Computing Office was installing the Wi-Fi access points in the Psychology Anthropology and Sociology (PAS) building. 

Where is Sarah now?

Sarah is now working at Ritual in Toronto. Ritual is a start up for foodies, owning operational tools, data, and processes. 

Michelle Claessens

​​When did Michelle work at ACO?

Michelle worked at ACO in the Fall of 2006 and the Summer of 2007. 

Where is Michelle now?

Michelle is now the Design Lead at a Saas company in Toronto called Influitive. Influitive creates a marketing platform that helps companies increase customer lifetime values and accelerate sales with the power of their own customer advocates. At Influitive, Michelle manages a small team of designers and also works with UX/UI product design.  

James Thomson

​When did James work at ACO?

James worked multiple terms at ACO as a Computing Assistant in 2007. 

Where is James now?

James is now a Senior Software Engineer and Tech Lead at Pivotal which is a company that builds software that enables developers to spend more time writing code and enables operators to improve security and uptime. 

Graeme McLean

​​When did Graeme work at ACO?

Graeme worked at ACO as the Technical Writer in the Winter of 2007. 

Where is Graeme now?

Graeme is now working as the Senior Software Development Engineer in the Last Mile Technology group at Amazon in Seattle. Graeme's team is responsible for coming up with the delivery routes for Amazon Logistics package deliveries.

Madeline Smith

​When did Madeline work at ACO?

Madeline worked at ACO for two terms in 2015.

Where is Madeline now?

Madeline is now starting her first job out of university as a Technical writer at OpenText: The Leader in Enterprise Information Management. Madeline said  that her job at OpenText is

" … a great opportunity that working at the ACO helped prepare me for, that with the technical writing and working with so many different people at the Help Desk."

Kelly Hornung

​​When did Kelly work at ACO?

Kelly worked at ACO as a Technical Writer in Fall 2014. While Kelly was here, she accepted contracts on website design projects as well as worked as a Student Computing Consultant for IST.

Where is Kelly now?

Since graduating, Kelly used her combined skills in art and technology to find work in the Montreal video game industry where she does community management, quality assurance testing, and narrative design.

Jesse Hoek

​​When did Jesse work at ACO?

Jesse worked at ACO as the Computing Assistant. While Jesse was here, he wrote the Helpdesk+ program.

Where is Jesse now?

Jesse is currently heading into his last term of Computer Science here at the University of Waterloo. 

Cassandra Bechard

​​When did Cassandra work at ACO?

Cassandra worked as the Technical Writer at ACO during the Fall term 2008, the Spring term of 2009, and the Winter term of 2010. 

Where is Cassandra now?

Cassandra is now working for Information Systems & Technology (IST) here at the University of Waterloo. Her main role is working as the Faculty Account Representative for Applied Health Sciences (AHS).  Additionally, Cassandra is also the application contact for Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader, and Adobe Acrobat. She instructs and assists in various SEW/SAW workshops that IST offers. Lastly, within the Applied Health Science faculty she provides support with the Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS), accessibility, and front-line support. 

Timothy Cumberland

​When did Timothy work at ACO?

Timothy worked as the Computing Assistant at ACO during the Fall term of 2012. While Timothy was here, he initiated a project to increase the Roll-over project's efficiency.  

Where is Timothy now?

Timothy is now finishing up his Master's degree in Engineering and will be pursuing a career in Data Science and Analytics.

Jack Truong

​​When did Jack work at ACO?

Jack worked as the Computing Assistant at ACO from the Winter term of 2007 to the Spring term of 2008.

Where is Jack now?

Jack currently works in Engineer Computing at the University of Waterloo. Jack is primarily a software developer but he also supervices the department’s co-op students and helps them with their term projects.

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