Undergraduate students

Microsoft Office 365 (undergraduate students)

Email forwarding can be done as an inbox rule from within Office 365. Here are instructions on setting up forwarding from your Office 365 email account.

Faculty, Staff and Graduate students 

How do I stop forwarding my uwaterloo.ca email?

If you have been forwarding all your incoming email to an off-campus account and now wish to use UW's email services, you need to remove any forwarding that has been set up for your account.


Note: these instructions apply only to UW employees who are using Connect or Mailservices as their mail server.

First check your WatIAM email settings.

  1. Sign into WatIAM.
  2. Click on Update Profile.
  3. Look at the Email forward (delivery mailbox): field. If it contains your off-campus email address, change it to (replacing userid with your uwaterloo.ca userid):
    • userid@connect.uwaterloo.ca if you are staff or faculty
  4. Click on Save at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click on Logout at the top of the page.

Connect accounts: web interface

Note: these instructions apply only to UW employees who are using Connect as their mail server. 

The Connect server uses an additional set of filtering rules that can be accessed by its native web interface. To disable email forwarding at the server:

  1. Sign in to the Outlook Web Application.
  2. Click on Options near the top of the page, then Create an Inbox Rule...
  3. If there are no rules on this page, the server is not forwarding your email on arrival. If there are rules, click on each rule in turn and read the description that comes up on the right side of the page. If any rule includes a Do the following that includes something like redirect the message to 'someone@example.org', click on the X above the rule list when that rule is highlighted. You will see a pop-up dialog that asks Are you sure you want to delete the Inbox rule "rule description"? Click Yes.
  4. There is typically only one forwarding rule on an account. Verify no remaining rules are redirecting email in ways you do not want, then click Sign Out at the top of the page.

Verify your email is being delivered to a uwaterloo.ca server

To verify that email forwarding has been removed from your UW email account:

  1. Send (or ask someone to send) an email to your userid@uwaterloo.ca account.
  2. Use your email client or one of the web interfaces mentioned above (WatIAM, myWaterloo, connect/Outlook Web Application) to read the messages in your UW email account (mailservices or connect).
  3. If you do not receive it, re-check (using the steps above) to ensure forwarding is not set up.

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