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Arts Computing Office (ACO) most frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Forgot Your Password?

  1. Go to the WatIAM Login page.
  2. Enter your userID.
  3. Click Forgot Password? to bring up your security questions.
  4. Answer your security questions correctly to create your new password. This password will be used for your Nexus, Quest and WatIAM account.

If you cannot remember the answers to your security questions, come with your WatCard to the ACO help desk in PAS 1077 or the IST Service Desk in the Davis Centre Library.

Where do I go to check my email?

  1. To check your University of Waterloo email from any computer:
    1. Undergraduate students can access their emails through Office 365.
    2. Staff and faculty can access their emails through Connect
    3. Some employees use the web-based mail client on Mailservices.
  2. On myWaterloo, use the default determine from your WatIAM/Quest email entry from the Server drop down menu.
  3. Log in with your WatIAM userID (your Quest userID) and your Nexus or WatIAM password (these are the same passwords in all but a few cases).

When I log on to myWaterloo, my inbox is empty/I only have very old messages. Where are my emails?

Three reasons this may occur:

  • A virtual inbox is being displayed (instead of your actual inbox). To fix this, uncheck Display Virtual Inbox in MyWaterloo:
    1. Log into MyWaterloo.
    2. Click the Options button at the top of your screen.
    3. Under the heading General Options, click on Server and Folder Information from the list displayed.
    4. Uncheck the first check box: Display Virtual Inbox?
    5. Click the Save Options​ button.
  • You have your email forwarding directly to another email address either through your myWaterloo inbox, or through WatIAM. To fix this, please see our help page on email forwarding.
  • Your account has been compromised. This may be the case if you can not see any email messages and/or cannot send email. Please contact the ACO Help Desk for help.

How do I connect to the wireless network on campus?

  1. Choose the eduroam network.
  2. Authenticate with 
    1. (replace userID with your WatIAM userID)
    2. Your Quest/ WatIAM password.
  3. If you are still unable to connect:
    1. See Information Systems & Technology's (IST) eduroam page with full instructions for Mac and Windows computers.
    2. If you don't have a Quest / WatIAM userID or a valid userID at another eduroam institution, you may be able to obtain a guest account through NetID to access eduroam. Please see IST's page on connecting to eduroam for more information.

How do I print in Arts?

See our printing help and support page for information on how to print in arts.

I need help with a certain software program

The ACO can assist with some software programs. There are also other options available through Information Systems and Technology (IST)

  • IST offers students temporary accounts. is a website which offers thousands of quality training videos on a number of different software programs. See IST's page for more information.
  • There may be a support person available at uWaterloo for the particular program you need help with. IST provides a list of contacts for specific applications

What happens to my uWaterloo account after I graduate?

Please see the IST documentation and the Office 365 frequently asked questions for information applicable to students and alumni.

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